Free CRM, Sprint Project Planning and Invoicing For Devs.

Customer Relationship Management

Customers and Stakeholders Can See Where Their Money is Going!

Keep your Stakeholders informed. Post notes and project updates easily through Git Commit Message Commands, allowing customers to always see what you are working on, without ever leaving a terminal.

Discuss any event done on the website. Receive feedback, and build what your customer actually wants.

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Invoicing Software

Generate Invoices and Estimates

Want to get paid for development? Send a payment request for any Sprint using Jeweler. Once the customer pays, you can transfer the money to your account anytime. Then keep track of your Software Development Income from Jeweler.

Sprint Planning

AGILE methodology is built into the Jeweler core

Jeweler is designed with AGILE in mind. All tasks are split into sprints. Open and close sprints.

Keep customer informed on what sprint you are working on, and request payment for completed sprints. Discuss sprint events with your stakeholders.


Create Development Cycles (Sprints), and populate them with Development Tasks. View the estimated hours for each sprint, and report your development hours for each sprint; for project-planning, cost-planning and project management.

Post Demo's

Keep your customers happy by posting Demo's to Jeweler. Allowing them a window to view your project and inspect your progress.

Get Paid

Request payment for a sprint at any time, and accept payment directly in Jeweler. Send Emails to clients with a link to pay for your work directly.

Invoicing and Estimates

Generate beautiful Estimates and Invoices, then send them to your clients and request payment via EMail, or print them yourselves and mail them.

Keep Stakeholders Updated

Stakeholders want to see where their money is being spent. Keep them always informed by posting project updates, notes and demo's.

Discuss Development

Discuss any Note, Project Update, Demo, Payment, Payment Request or any other action on Jeweler with members of your project.

You Need Jeweler For Any Software Application Development.

Chrome iPad

Connect With Your Clients Like Never Before.

Clients are always worried - where is my money going?.

Keep your customers happy, by always keeping them informed without ever leaving your terminal using Git Commit Codes. Plan your projects better using sprint planning. Accept payments from clients easily, and keep track of your income. This is the must-use tool for all Software Development Contractors.


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